IL2-DIDT (Angeloxin)
Having mutated every epitope in DT while retaining potency comparable to native DT, we have now fused the modified gene to the gene for IL-2 to generate an improved version of Ontak, designated as IL2-DIDT. Our analysis indicates that there are no IP barriers to IL2-DIDT entering the market. Since its approval, Ontak has been found to suppress the T regulatory cell population and can therefore be viewed as being an immunomodulator, a class of drugs garnishing a lot of attention recently. We believe that the reduced immunogenicity and enhanced safety profile of IL2-DIDT positions it to not only gain better penetrance into the cutaneous T cell lymphoma (CTCL) market but also to expand into other indications where immunomodulators are effective, such as B cell lymphomas and melanoma. We plan to file an IND on this compound in late 2014.